Norwex cloths: The ultimate pick me up!

June 20, 2015

Norwex cloth let you clean without chemicals – just water and a Norwex cloth is all you need!

My first experience with Norwex was several years ago, when my sister was a Norwex hostess of a Norwex party.  I was quite impressed when the Norwex consultant used a Norwex cloth and water to clean butter off of a mirror.  For me, the Norwex cloth single handedly started my love of Norwex products. The Norwex cloth is about 12 inches x 12 inches, and comes in four colors.  When you use the Norwex cloth dry, the Norwex microfiber creates an electrostatic charge, allowing you to dust with fantastic results.

Used wet, the Norwex cloth cleans surfaces beyond what you can see.  Norwex cloths lift bacteria from surfaces and trap it. Norwex cloths contain Norwex BacLock, which “locks” bacteria into the Norwex microfiber.  Norwex cloths also have Norwex silver.  Norwex silver destroys the walls of the bacteria and and the bacteria is destroyed.  As such, Norwex cloths are self purifying.

Now that it’s summer, my patio blinds are open much more often.  The rain spatters and cat nose stains on my patio door have been bugging me for a while.  Norwex to the rescue!  I took a Norwex cloth, damped it, and wiped down the glass patio doors.  Followed by the Norwex window cloth (more on that in a later post) and the glass is so clear I am considering a sticker so I don’t walk right into the glass.  Each time I look at the patio doors, I am giddy all over again at what Norwex can do for my home.

I am not a fan of cleaning – but I am a fan of cleaning without chemicals.  Norwex cloths bring me joy.

The Norwex Spa Wrap: Another Norwex Indulgence

December 22, 2014

The Norwex spa wrap is sheer indulgence.

Recently, Norwex introduced a series of new Norwex products. Among the Norwex products launched was the Norwex spa wrap.

The Norwex spa wrap is made of a super absorbent Norwex microfiber. Designed to wrap around your body and secured with velcro, the Norwex spa wrap has a multitude of uses.

I wear my Norwex spa wrap in my sauna. You could also use the Norwex spa wrap just out of the shower as you get ready for your day.

The Norwex spa wrap also doubles as a beach cover.

Measuring 37 inches by 58 inches (approximately), the Norwex spa wrap is a versatile addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Because no one “needs” a Norwex spa wrap – it’s just sheer indulgence.


The Norwex sport towel – the perfect gift for the athlete in your life!

December 21, 2014
The Norwex sport towel is perfect for your athelete!

The Norwex sport towel is perfect for your athelete!

A re you looking for a gift for the athlete in your life? Norwex has just the thing.

The Norwex sport towel is designed with the sports enthusiast in mind. Lightweight, highly absorbent suede Norwex microfiber, the Norwex sport towel will quickly and efficiently dry your athlete’s skin.

The Norwex sport towel comes with its own storage bag. One can roll up the Norwex sport towel and put it inside the bag even wet (although efforts should be made to unroll and dry as soon as possible). The Norwex sport towel has Norwex silver in the towel. This means bacteria is trapped in the Norwex sport towel with Norwex BacLock. Norwex Silver then creates an environment wherein bacteria cannot survive.

19 inches by 39 inches, the Norwex sport towel comes in slate grey. The Norwex sport towel is perfect for the athlete in your life.

What’s the best Norwex gift in the $15.00 price range?

December 20, 2014

What’s the best Norwex gift? Well, that depends, of course, on who you are shopping for.

This entry seeks to showcase five Norwex products that may be just the thing for your loved one.

For the fresh food lover:


Norwex produce bags reduce waste and are good for the environment!

I love fresh produce, and Norwex has a new Norwex product that will allow me (and you) to keep fresh produce fresh longer! Made from washable mesh polyester, Norwex produce bags are the perfect, environmentally friendly product. Norwex produce bags are designed to go from the grocery store right into the fridge! As needed, just toss the Norwex produce bags in the wash and use again!

For the one who has a new baby:


The Norwex baby body pack is shown here with the Norwex baby towel.

Norwex offers the Norwex Baby Body Pack for $14.99. The Norwex Baby Body Pack is a smaller version of the Norwex Body Pack for adults. Norwex Baby Body Pack cloths are super soft – perfect for baby’s delicate skin. Norwex Baby Body Pack cloths are the perfect alternative to chemical laden diaper wipes. Be kind to the environment and your baby’s skin with the cloths in the Norwex Baby Body Pack. (In case you’re wondering, Norwex Baby Body Pack cloths contain Norwex silver and Norwex BacLock technology.

For the one who needs a gentle reminder to pamper herself:

Norwex foot stone

The Norwex foot stone keeps your feet smooth and supple.

Norwex offers the Norwex Footstone for just $13.95. The Norwex Footstone is 100% pumice. Designed to smooth away rough dry skin naturally, the Norwex Footstone is an inexpensive way to treat your feet! This can be paired with Norwex Timeless Aloe Vera Herbs Cream. Made with rosemary, sage, and lavender, Norwex Timeless Aloe Vera Herbs Cream contributes to the indulgence of the Norwex Footstone for just $19.50.

For the true blue dyed in the wool Norwex Lover:


The Norwex rubber brush releases dirt and grime from your Norwex products.

The Norwex Rubber Brush is only an appropriate gift for the true diehard Norwex fan. Personally, I love my Norwex Rubber Brush, however, I am not sure how pleased I would have been to receive it as a gift pre-Norwex. If you know someone who has a Norwex dusting mitt, who has expressed concern about cleaning the Norwex dusting mitt, the Norwex Rubber Brush is just the thing. However, I repeat, this is only for the self identified true blue Norwex fan – for just $14.99.

For the kid in your life:

Norwex toothbrush

The Norwex toothbrush self sanitizes.

Finally, when I was a kid, Santa always brought me a toothbrush in my stocking. The Norwex Toothbrush for kids is just $12.99. The heads of the Norwex Toothbrush are replaceable, making the Norwex Toothbrush an economical choice. What I love best about the Norwex Toothbrush is that it contains Norwex Silver, a self cleaning agent which destroys bacteria.

Kids toothbrush 12. 99

What’s the best Norwex Gift for Norwex Lovers $20.00 price point: Part 1

December 14, 2014

During the holiday season, thoughts turn to giving.  Norwex is a wonderful  gift for Norwex lovers.

Here are some suggestions for Norwex gifts below $20.00.


For the entertainer:


The Norwex kitchen cloth is can give a kitchen a mini-makeover!

I think few things brighten a kitchen like a brand new Norwex Kitchen Towel. At $19.99, this room brightener might be just the thing for the “kitchen host” – you know, the person who has the kitchen so inviting it’s where they entertain.  Norwex Kitchen Towels come in buttercream, (yellow) orchid (lavender), pomegranate (cranberry), salmon, blue, graphite (grey), seafoam (light green) and latte (brown).

With this many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a Norwex Kitchen Towel in the color scheme that fits any decor.

For the one committed to more fruits and vegetables:


The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth cleans fruits and veggies, removing harmful chemicals!

The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is designed to allow you to quickly and easily clean your veggies and fruits. The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is two sided, one rough, for scrubbing, and one soft, for polishing. An apple is the perfect fruit for the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth, benefiting both from the scrubby side, to eliminate waxes and pesticides, and the soft side polishes the apples to a shine.  The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is also perfect for cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, and just about any other fresh fruit or vegetable.

At $15.99, the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is a wonderful gift for those committed to healthy portions of fruits and veggies each day.


For those who LOVE Norwex cleaning products:


Norwex cloths are a perfect gift for the self identified Norwex Lover!

Do not, repeat, do NOT purchase a Norwex cloth as a gift with the intention of using it to introduce your friend to Norwex. That said, if you have friends or family that already are in love with Norwex, then you may rest assured they will love an additional Norwex cloth to add to their arsenal of Norwex products. At just $16.49, the Norwex cloth that started it all is a perfectly affordable Norwex gift.


The Norwex Window Cloth is the perfect finishing cloth!

Perhaps you have a friend that already has enough Norwex cloths, (is that possible?) or perhaps they have a Norwex cloth but have yet to experience the joy that is a Norwex window cloth. The Norwex window cloth is a perfect partner to the Norwex cloth.

Wet a Norwex cloth, wipe the surface, and follow with a buff of the Norwex window cloth.  I have a Norwex window cloth that I reserve exclusively for my bathroom.  The finishing shine the Norwex window cloth gives to my ceramics help make my bathroom spotless.  And of course, the Norwex window cloth, just like the Norwex cloth, has Norwex BacLock, which traps the bacteria in the cloth Norwex silver, which kills the bacteria after the Norwex microfiber removes bacteria from surfaces.

For those who love decadent indulgence:


Indulge with Norwex Marine Organics shower gel.

Norwex Marine Organics Shower Gel is an indulgent way to start the day. Currently on sale for %15.25, Norwex Marine Organics Shower Gel can double as a bubble bath. Enhanced with 5 different Marine algae, Norwex Marine Organics Shower Gel is designed to increase skin’s elasticity and improve skin tone. A delightful stocking stuffer, consider Norwex Marine Organics Shower Gel for the woman in your life that enjoys such an indulgence.

NOTE: If you don’t know if your loved one is a lover of Norwex, please see the series on Norwex for Newbies. The whole point of giving the gift of Norwex is to spread joy and make lives easier, as we clean without chemicals. It is NOT to shame, or blame, or suggest that someone could do better. Norwex should not be associated with any of those things.

Norwex Rainbow Pack: Norwex Specials for December 2014

December 7, 2014

Dec clothsThe Norwex Rainbow Package is a blast from the past. This Norwex special includes four Norwex cloths – the ones that started it all.

These Norwex cloths are made of Norwex microfiber. They have Norwex BacLoc technology, which means that, when used wet, the  Norwex cloths grab bacteria off surfaces and lock it into the cloth. Next, Norwex silver goes to work. By its very existence, Norwex silver quietly creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria.  The bonds that keep bacteria together can’t hold and the bacteria is destroyed.

The Norwex Rainbow Package includes   Norwex cloths in red, blue, green, and yellow. Personally, I code my Norwex cloths. My red Norwex cloth belongs in the bathroom. My yellow Norwex cloth lives in my kitchen (and is great friends with my stove top!).

What I love best about Norwex cloths is that with just water and a Norwex cloth, I can clean my whole house.

Norwex Specials part 3: October 2014

October 18, 2014

Norwex speicals for October include this Norwex cleaning powerhouse.

Norwex offers the Norwex Power Pack as the last of the Norwex specials for October. This Norwex special combines a yellow Norwex cloth and Norwex Cleaning Paste.

The Norwex cloth is made of the Norwex microfiber you know and love. A damp Norwex cloth will grab crumbs, grease, grime, what ever challenges life throws at you! Of course, this Norwex cloth has Norwex silver and Norwex BacLock technology.

The Norwex cloth is paired with Norwex cleaning paste in this Norwex special. Norwex cleaning paste is a chemical free way to clean your home. Made with natural ingredients, Norwex cleaning paste is just what you need to scrub away life’s toughest challenges.

Norwex cleaning paste coupled with the Norwex cloth lets you clean without chemicals.


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