What’s the best Norwex gift? Part one: For the Norwex Newbies

December 4, 2014

What’s the best Norwex gift? That’s easy! It depends. . . In this series, The Meticulous Housekeeper seeks to answer that question with different options for differently situated folks.

Norwex can make a fantastic gift. However, for someone not familiar with Norwex, I’d encourage you to consider Norwex products that do not have cleaning connotations.


The Norwex hair turban gives you a hands free option for drying your hair!

One of my personal “non-cleaning” Norwex favorites is the Norwex Hair Turban. Practical and indulgent all at once, the Norwex hair turban absorbs up to 70% of the moisture from wet hair. I shower in the morning, and put on my Norwex hair turban while I surf the web and enjoy a cup of coffee. Given the thickness of my hair, the Norwex hair turban saves me at least ten minutes of blow drying. Typically, post Norwex hair turban, I only have to spend five minutes drying my hair, as opposed to the former fifteen to twenty minutes.

The Norwex hair turban comes in beige and blue. Best of all, the Norwex hair turban costs only $25.99!

New Norwex products for Fall 2014

August 13, 2014
Norwex products

Norwex has new products for fall 2014!

This is my favorite time of year! That’s because Norwex releases new Norwex Products in the fall of the year. Some of these Norwex Products are brand new, such as the Norwex door mat and the Norwex bottle brush. Others Norwex Products released this fall include new twists on old favorites, such as new colors for Norwex kitchen cloths and Norwex kitchen towels.

Norwex is also introducing new colors for their Norwex bath towels and Norwex hair turban. Each of the new Norwex Products will be outlined in the coming days. Of course, you could always go to The Meticulous Housekeeper and check out the whole Norwex catalog.

Norwex Specials for August 2014: Part 3

August 7, 2014



These Norwex products brighten the bathroom!

Norwex offers this Norwex special just for your Norwex bathroom. This collection of Norwex products includes one of my personal favorites, the Norwex hair turban. I exercise in the morning before work, and the Norwex hair turban allows me to dry my hair in a fraction of the time it takes with a blow dryer alone. After my shower, I put on my Norwex hair turban and make breakfast. Twenty minutes later, I take off my Norwex hair turban and my hair is mostly dry.

The Norwex Personal Microfiber Package also includes a Norwex towel in extra large. This Norwex towel comes in latte (think hot chocolate!).

Finally, this Norwex special includes the Norwex body pack. The Norwex body pack includes 3 Norwex cloths for your face and body in beige, latte, and turquoise. You can use your Norwex cloths in the Norwex body pack to remove makeup or just to wash your face and body.

This is one of those Norwex specials that just brightens up your bathroom.

Norwex specials for August!

August 3, 2014


2014 August Norwex specials

Norwex has four new Norwex specials for August. As always, Norwex has something for everyone. This post will outline each of the Norwex specials for August. Subsequent posts will explore each of the August Norwex specials in greater detail.

The first of the Norwex specials is the Norwex Relaxation Time. This Norwex special includes Norwex Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel and Norwex Mediterranean Moisture Face and Neck Gel.

Long time fans of Norwex will remember the Norwex Rainbow Quartet – four Norwex cloths, one in each color. (Of course, each Norwex cloth comes with Norwex BacLock technology.

The Norwex Personal Microfiber Package includes the Norwex hair turban, a Norwex towel in extra large, and a vintage Norwex body pack, 3 Norwex cloths in beige, latte, and turquoise.

Finally, for the Norwex bathroom, the Norwex Blue Sparkle Duo, which includes the Norwex toliet brush and holder, along with Norwex Blue Diamond all in one bathroom cleaner.

There’s something for everyone with August’s Norwex specials.

Norwex Bath Towels – shift your paradigm

April 16, 2014



Norwex bath towels in vintage teal will brighten up your bathroom.

Norwex offers a line of Norwex bath towels unlike any bath towels you are used to. The Norwex bath towel is thin, light weight, and made of the Norwex microfiber you know and love. In other words, the Norwex bath towel is different.

I will admit that I found the Norwex bath towel took some getting used to. In my mind, fluffier was better, and Norwex bath towels are not fluffy. At all. But this isn’t the first of the many Norwex products that perform in ways you wouldn’t have expected. When using Norwex bath towels, blotting, not brisk rubbing, is the way to go.

Norwex bath towels are super absorbent. Of course, Norwex bath towels have Norwex silver in them, thus are self-purifying. (Note: this does NOT mean you don’t have to launder your Norwex bath towels. Be sure to wash them with Norwex laundry detergent or by hand with Norwex dishwashing liquid periodically.)

Because they are lightweight, Norwex bath towels dry quickly. Just hang your Norwex bath towel by the loop sewn in to the end and let it air dry. Another benefit to the Norwex bath towel is that it is small enough to pack for a trip even when you aren’t checking a bag. Just fold and go! (Actually, I roll my Norwex bath towel and Norwex hair turban and tuck them in to the sides of my luggage.)

Norwex bath towels come in latte, beige, and teal. You can mix and match your favorite Norwex colors. Norwex bath towels include a Norwex hand towel, a Norwex bath towel (19 x 39), and a Norwex Extra Large bath towel (55 x 27.5).  Enjoy.

The Norwex hair turban – you will not believe the time you can save!

April 13, 2014



The Norwex hair turban saves you time, so you can do other things. . . like sleep in!

Norwex offers a Norwex hair turban in beige. This is probably one of my favorite Norwex products. I have extremely thick hair, and it takes forever to dry – but not with the Norwex hair turban! The Norwex hair turban can absorb up to 70% of the water in your hair.

When I step out of the shower, I reach for my Norwex hair turban. It’s easy to use – put the Norwex hair turban on your head, making sure all hair is inside. Then, give it a twist, and take the loop on the Norwex hair turban and wrap it around the button found on the Norwex hair turban at the base of the neck.

After I put on the Norwex hair turban, I read the paper, have a cup of coffee, or cruise the internet for about 15 minutes. When I remove the Norwex hair turban, I only need about 5 minutes with my blow dryer, then I am ready to curl or straighten.

I use the loop attached to the Norwex hair turban to hang it on the back of my bathroom door when not in use.

March Norwex Specials: Pamper yourself with Norwex Towels

March 3, 2014
Norwex towels

Norwex towels – indulge yourself in luxury.

Norwex  excels in creating Norwex products  that improve quality of life. Most people are familiar with Norwex cloths that help you clean without chemicals . But there’s another line of Norwex microfiber Norwex towels .

One of the 2014 March Norwex specials  is the Norwex bath towel  trio. These Norwex bath towels  come in latte for this Norwex special .

We start with the Norwex hand towel . The Norwex hand towel  is light weight, super soft, and super absorbent. If you are unfamiliar with Norwex microfiber  in Norwex towels , know that gentle patting or blotting is the best drying practice, rather than briskly rubbing as you might with the towels you are used to. The Norwex hand towel  works just fine for its stated purpose – a hand towel to dry your hands in the bathroom. But you can also pack the Norwex hand towel  as a smaller alternative to Norwex towels  when camping or at the gym. Tiny, yes, but a Norwex hand towel  will dry your whole body in a pinch. You can also use the Norwex hand towel  to dry your hair, if you don’t have a Norwex hair turban . The Norwex hand towel  is 13″ X 27″.

This Norwex special  also includes a large Norwex towel . The large Norwex towel  is about 20″ x 40″ in size. Like the Norwex hand towel , the Norwex towel  is lightweight and absorbent. I don’t mind telling you it took me a little while to get used to the Norwex towel . I was accustomed to evaluating the effectiveness of the towel based on its weight. The heavier the towel, the more effective, right? The Norwex towel  is so light weight I was dubious. But the Norwex towel  does an excellent job of drying my skin. The Norwex towel  can also be relied upon to remove large amounts of water from hair. While I typically just put on my Norwex hair turban  after a shower, when traveling, I occasionally forget my Norwex hair turban. Assuming I was smart enough/organized enough to bring my Norwex towel , I am still able to save time. I just give my wet hair a brisk rubbing with my Norwex towel  and get ready for the day.

If you are a “wrap the towel around the head” kind of person, you will love the X Large Norwex towel  that comes in the 2014 March Norwex special . The X large Norwex towel  is 55″ x 28″. Just a quick wrap and twist, and the X large Norwex towel  doubles as a Norwex hair turban.

This trio of the Norwex hand towel , the large Norwex towel , and the X large Norwex towel  in latte is a collection of Norwex products  that will pamper you and make you smile every time you go into your bathroom. Enjoy!


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