Norwex Body Care is on sale in December 2014!

December 6, 2014

Norwex is having a Norwex warehouse sale. This means Norwex is offering some of my favorite Norwex products at a discount. Maybe they’re your favorite Norwex products, too. Or maybe now is your chance to try these Norwex products while they are on sale!


Norwex Timeless – on sale!

From the Norwex body care line, Norwex is offering Norwex Timeless silk organic hand cream. Normally priced at $22.99, it’s currently on sale for $16.00. Norwex Timeless Aloe Vera Herbs Cream is usually $27.99, but currently it is on sale for only $19.50. Finally, from the Norwex Timeless line, the Norwex Timeless Aloe Vera Fresh Gel Foot Lotion. Typically $32.99, Norwex is currently offering this product for only $23.00.


Norwex Marine Organics bath shower gel and Norwex Marine Organics lotion are a perfect pair.

Looking for a holiday gift? Norwex has also reduced the price of Norwex Marine Organics bath shower gel. This Norwex product retails for $21.99, but is currently available for $15.25. Pair this with Norwex Marine Organics Body Lotion, reduced to $24.25, from $34.99. Pair these Norwex Marine Organics products for a gift under $40.00.

Quantities are limited. The sale price is already inserted on the website at The Meticulous Housekeeper.

September 2014 Norwex Specials: Last Chance

September 27, 2014

Norwex specials for September 2014.

September is almost over. Norwex has put together four different Norwex specials this month. These Norwex specials have various Norwex products for your home and family.

Whether you are looking for Norwex for your kitchen, your laundry, your kids, or travel, Norwex has a Norwex special that will meet your needs.

In the Norwex Kitchen Clean kit, Norwex offers two (2!!) bottles of Norwex dishwashing liquid. Norwex combines this with the Norwex dish cloth and a 2 pack of the Norwex Spirisponge. This package of Norwex products will help you keep your kitchen clean and shiny. It’s such a joy to have the tools you need to get your home Norwex clean.

For your Norwex laundry needs, consider the Norwex Clean and Fluffy Norwex special. In this special, Norwex pairs Norwex fluff and tumble dryer balls with the Norwex Laundry Pre-wash. At both the front and the back ends of the laundry cycle, Norwex speeds up the laundry process.

Norwex offers Back to School Basics to address some very specific needs of your school aged child. Norwex combines the Norwex Kid’s backpack with the Norwex Out to Lunch snack bag and the Norwex Out to Lunch sandwich wrap. This trio of Norwex products allows you to organize, categorize, and keep things neat – without harming the environment.

Finally, Norwex offers the Handy for Travel Norwex special. In this special, Norwex combines one of my personal favorite Norwex products, the Norwex Travel Pack with two Norwex Timeless products. Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner lets you clean your hands without soap and water. This is coupled with Norwex Timeless Silk Organic Hand Cream.

Whatever you are looking for, Norwex has a Norwex special that will fit your needs.

Norwex “Handy for Travel”: Norwex Specials, September 2014

September 23, 2014

Norwex combines the Norwex Travel Pack with Norwex Timeless products for your hands.

Norwex offers Norwex specials each month that give you the opportunity to stock up on old favorites at a reduced price, or purchase one of the Norwex products you haven’t tried yet.

This month, Norwex is offering a Norwex special that includes one of my hands down absolute favorite Norwex products – the Norwex Travel Pack. The Norwex Travel Pack includes four Norwex cloths, one in each color. These Norwex cloths, however, are 6 inches by 6 inches. Of course, the smaller version of the Norwex cloth contains Norwex BacLock. Norwex BacLock grabs bacteria off surfaces and traps it in the Norwex cloth. Next, Norwex silver creates an environment in which bacteria cannot survive.

Norwex pairs the Norwex Travel Pack with two Norwex Timeless products. Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner is small enough to fit in your purse. However, Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner packs a big punch. You can use Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner without water to safely and gently clean your hands. Follow with Norwex Timeless Silk Organic Hand Cream. This Norwex Timeless product softens hands with ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil and macadamia nut oil.

The Double Sided Norwex Mop

August 15, 2014


Norwex mop

The Norwex double mop makes cleaning floors a snap!

Norwex offers new Norwex products each fall. This fall, Norwex is offering a double sided Norwex mop. A double sided Norwex mop?! “What’s that,” you ask? Norwex offers a new twist on one of the most well loved Norwex products – the Norwex mop.

As the title would suggest, the double sided Norwex mop is two mops in one. With a double sided Norwex mop base, the double sided Norwex mop can accommodate both a Norwex dry mop pad and a Norwex wet mop pad on a single Norwex mop base. The Norwex dry superior mop pad comes in pink. The Norwex wet mop pad comes in a complimentary grey. The Norwex wet mop pad contains Norwex BacLock. Norwex BacLock grabs bacteria off surfaces and traps it into the Norwex microfiber. Next the Norwex silver creates a hostile environment in which bacteria can’t survive.

You will need a new Norwex mop base for the double sided Norwex mop. The good news is, the Norwex mop handle for the basic Norwex mop does double duty as the Norwex mop handle for the double sided Norwex mop as well.

Just as with the Norwex mop you already know and love, use a figure eight pattern to cover the floor with your Norwex dry mop pad. Then, flip the Norwex base and using the damp Norwex wet mop pad to clean your floors. Then hang the double sided Norwex mop to air dry.

Of course, you don’t have to have one Norwex dry mop pad and one Norwex wet mop pad. Consider putting a Norwex wet mop pad on both sides to extend the amount of flooring you can mop before refreshing the Norwex wet mop pad with a good rinse.

You also don’t need to be tied to the traditional “wash then dry.” If you have hardwood floors like I do, you may want to consider using the Norwex dry mop pad on your double sided Norwex mop to run over your damp floors after you mop with your Norwex wet mop pad.

The double sided Norwex mop is one of the many ways Norwex lets you clean without chemicals.

NOTE:: You can use your Norwex wet mop pad and Norwex dry mop pad from your original Norwex mop with the double sided Norwex mop. Norwex does indicate there will be a slight bunching of the Norwex pad.

Norwex specials for the Norwex Hostess: August 2014

August 9, 2014
Norwex hostess

Looking for free Norwex products? Be a hostess in August and get a Norwex mop – and much more!

It’s hard to find a more generous hostess package than the one Norwex offers to the Norwex hostess. There are no less than four different ways Norwex rewards the Norwex hostess with free Norwex products.

Being a Norwex hostess is easy! Just send a group email your friends, tell them you are having a Norwex party online, and ask them to share their stories of their favorite Norwex products – or talk about a Norwex product they want to try. Set a date for orders to be due, and participate in the conversation.

With a minimum of 5 buying guests, Norwex gives the Norwex hostess free Norwex products. Here’s how it works: if 5 people purchase Norwex productsNorwex rewards the Norwex hostess with a free Norwex cloth. If 8 friends purchase Norwex products at your online Norwex partyNorwex will also give you the Norwex Body Pack in vintage along with your Norwex cloth. More purchasers lead to even more free Norwex products.  Norwex will add a Norwex car clothNorwex Dusting Mit, and the Norwex kitchen scrub cloth – up to $93.00 of free Norwex products depending upon the number of guests who purchase Norwex products.

But that’s not all! (Forgive the TV reference, it’s late as I write this. . . ) Norwex also offers free Norwex products for the Norwex hostess based on sales amounts.

For parties with just $325.00 in sales (including the order of the Norwex hostess), along with one booking, the Norwex hostess receives a Norwex kitchen cloth and a matching Norwex kitchen towel in latte (think warm brown). The Norwex hostess also receives Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner, the Norwex lint mitt, a blue Norwex cloth, and the decorative but imminently useful Norwex Optic Scarf.

Norwex has extended Norwex mop month into August. A qualifying Norwex hostess receives a complete Norwex mop system. If sales at your Norwex party reach $500.00 or more, and one of your friends books a Norwex party, you, the Norwex hostess will receive a free Norwex mop handle, Norwex mop base, a large Norwex wet mop pad and a large Norwex dry mop pad – everything you need for your own Norwex mop.

As the sales of your Norwex party increase, assuming a single booking, so do the free Norwex products. With a Norwex party with sales of $750 or more, the Norwex hostess receives the complete Norwex mop, the Norwex cloths and other Norwex products outlined above, and a Norwex envirowand. When sales increase to $1,000.00 and one booking, the Norwex hostess also receives, for free, Norwex Laundry Detergent.

Furthermore, for each booking of another Norwex party the Norwex hostess secures, she receives a free Norwex window cloth.

AS a final thank you, Norwex offers the Norwex hostess a shopping spree – the opportunity to pick any free Norwex products she’d like. A  Norwex hostess earns Norwex dollars based on sales at a Norwex party.

The Norwex hostess receives 8% of the total amount of sales in free Norwex products for sales up to $249.00. As sales increase, the percentage increases – to up to 12 % of the total sales for parties of $750.00 or more. This Norwex bonus can be used for whatever Norwex products, even Norwex Specials  and Norwex collections, increasing the number of free Norwex products that can be earned.

Norwex Specials for August 2014: Part 3

August 7, 2014



These Norwex products brighten the bathroom!

Norwex offers this Norwex special just for your Norwex bathroom. This collection of Norwex products includes one of my personal favorites, the Norwex hair turban. I exercise in the morning before work, and the Norwex hair turban allows me to dry my hair in a fraction of the time it takes with a blow dryer alone. After my shower, I put on my Norwex hair turban and make breakfast. Twenty minutes later, I take off my Norwex hair turban and my hair is mostly dry.

The Norwex Personal Microfiber Package also includes a Norwex towel in extra large. This Norwex towel comes in latte (think hot chocolate!).

Finally, this Norwex special includes the Norwex body pack. The Norwex body pack includes 3 Norwex cloths for your face and body in beige, latte, and turquoise. You can use your Norwex cloths in the Norwex body pack to remove makeup or just to wash your face and body.

This is one of those Norwex specials that just brightens up your bathroom.

Norwex and the summer salad

July 26, 2014

The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth cleans the fruits and veggies that top the Dirty Dozen list!

You already know that Norwex  helps you clean without chemicals. But did you know Norwex  can also help you eat without chemicals? The Environmental Working Group has created a list of “the dirty dozen” – the top twelve produce items coated with pesticides and other yucky stuff.

I like a small amount of greens as a salad “base” arugula, red lettuce, etc. Next I like to add a tomato – cleaned with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. I add an orange pepper, also cleaned with water and my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. When I add cucumbers, I first scrub them with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth, which serves two purposes, it removes that disgusting wax coating, but also it removes the bitter skin. A handful of blueberries (which I don’t wash with my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth) and finish it off with some purple onion after a good scrub with my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth.

I also like the crunch of an apple in my salad. Apples are the number one offender on the dirty dozen list. The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth tackles those pesticides with the rough side and, if you are of a mind, you can polish your apples with the smooth side of the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. (Sometimes I use a golden delicious apple, just to hit all the colors in the rainbow in my salad. . . )

Speaking of crunch, I find that a crunchy snack in the afternoon is a glorious thing. A little peanut butter on some celery is an easy fix – but did you know that celery is filthy when it comes to you from the grocery store? Get rid of the pesticides, bacteria, and fungi with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth.

I am not a fan of potato salad, but I am a big fan of potatoes, and the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth does a fantastic job or removing dirt from the potatoes. This allows me to keep the skin on the potatoes, getting the nutrients found there without also getting the bacteria and fungi and dirt that come home from the store with my potatoes.

The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth helps me eat without chemicals. As such, the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is just one of the many Norwex products that make your life better. In a world full of chemicals, Norwex is changing things, one home at a time. Isn’t it time you made your kitchen a Norwex kitchen?


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