The Norwex kid’s towel

April 19, 2014

The brightly colored Norwex kid’s towel is perfect for any home with kids.

The Norwex kid’s towel is made of the same Norwex microfiber that you already know and love. The Norwex kid’s towel is 27 x 47 – perfect for the Norwex kid in your life.

The Norwex kid’s towel comes in a cheery apple green. Like it’s grown up Norwex counterpart, the Norwex kid’s towel is super absorbent. Just gently blot the skin with the Norwex kid’s towel and let the Norwex kid’s towel go to work.

Of course, the Norwex kid’s towel has the Norwex silver you already know and love. The Norwex microfiber grabs bacteria from surfaces and traps it. Next, the Norwex silver creates a hostile environment, within which bacteria cannot survive. As such, the Norwex kid’s towel is the perfect addition to any home with children.

Norwex Bath Towels – shift your paradigm

April 16, 2014



Norwex bath towels in vintage teal will brighten up your bathroom.

Norwex offers a line of Norwex bath towels unlike any bath towels you are used to. The Norwex bath towel is thin, light weight, and made of the Norwex microfiber you know and love. In other words, the Norwex bath towel is different.

I will admit that I found the Norwex bath towel took some getting used to. In my mind, fluffier was better, and Norwex bath towels are not fluffy. At all. But this isn’t the first of the many Norwex products that perform in ways you wouldn’t have expected. When using Norwex bath towels, blotting, not brisk rubbing, is the way to go.

Norwex bath towels are super absorbent. Of course, Norwex bath towels have Norwex silver in them, thus are self-purifying. (Note: this does NOT mean you don’t have to launder your Norwex bath towels. Be sure to wash them with Norwex laundry detergent or by hand with Norwex dishwashing liquid periodically.)

Because they are lightweight, Norwex bath towels dry quickly. Just hang your Norwex bath towel by the loop sewn in to the end and let it air dry. Another benefit to the Norwex bath towel is that it is small enough to pack for a trip even when you aren’t checking a bag. Just fold and go! (Actually, I roll my Norwex bath towel and Norwex hair turban and tuck them in to the sides of my luggage.)

Norwex bath towels come in latte, beige, and teal. You can mix and match your favorite Norwex colors. Norwex bath towels include a Norwex hand towel, a Norwex bath towel (19 x 39), and a Norwex Extra Large bath towel (55 x 27.5).  Enjoy.

The Norwex Bath Mat – Indulge yourself!

April 11, 2014


Norwex towels

The Norwex bath mat – go ahead and indulge yourself!

Norwex has a line of Norwex microfiber for bath and body. Over the coming days, we will review the Norwex bath towels. This post is to sing the praises of the Norwex Bath Mat.

The Norwex Bath Mat is super absorbent. So absorbent, in fact, that the Norwex Bath Mat holds ten times its weight in water. I wish I had had a Norwex Bath Mat when my daughter was little. She was quite the splasher during her nightly bath! A Norwex Bath Mat doesn’t just work for grown ups stepping out of the shower. No siree! You will find the Norwex Bath Mat can absorb the vigorous splashes of your little darlings, as well.

The mocha color of the Norwex Bath Mat makes it a wonderful choice for any decor. The neutral tone of the Norwex Bath Mat will allow you to play with splashes of color, or, if you prefer, match perfectly with a set of Norwex bath towels in mocha.

The Norwex Bath Mat is 27.56′ x 19.69′. Of course, the Norwex Bath Mat has the Norwex silver. Norwex silver traps bacteria within the Norwex microfiber and destroys it, making the Norwex Bath Mat another self-purifying Norwex product.

April Norwex Specials 2014: Norwex Clean and Shiny

April 3, 2014

Norwex cloths for April Norwex specials

April’s Norwex specials include the Norwex Clean and Shiny collection.

This Norwex special includes two Norwex cloths. One Norwex cloth in blue, and one Norwex cloth in green. These Norwex cloths were what made me fall in love with Norwex in the beginning. Used dry, the Norwex microfiber grabs dust and locks it into the Norwex cloths. Used damp, the Norwex microfiber grabs grease and grime, pulling bacteria off the surfaces of your home and into the Norwex cloth. Then, the Norwex silver creates an environment that bacteria can’t survive in. Norwex cloths are self purifying in 24 hours.

This Norwex special also includes a Norwex window cloth. For any surface you wipe down with your Norwex cloths, follow with a buff of the Norwex window cloth. You will be amazed at how clean and shiny your windows and mirrors can be with the use of Norwex cloths and a Norwex window cloth.

My first purchase of Norwex products was the Norwex basic package, which includes one Norwex cloth and the Norwex window cloth. I can tell you from personal experience that the combination of Norwex cloths and the Norwex window cloth will clean your whole house from top to bottom.


The Norwex Household Package Plus

March 27, 2014



Norwex Products to help you get your home ready for spring!

The Norwex cloth that started it all for me comes in yellow in this Norwex package.  You can use the Norwex cloth dry to dust surfaces such as your television, book shelves, ceiling fan.  Dampen the Norwex cloth, and use it to wipe down any surface.  The Norwex microfiber will grab bacteria and hold it in the Norwex cloth.  The Norwex silver in Norwex cloths will then make sure the bacteria can’t survive.

Follow your wiping of surfaces with the damp Norwex cloth with a swipe of the Norwex window cloth.  Whether you are cleaning the glass of your patio door, your bathroom mirror, or your bathroom sink, the Norwex window cloth is the perfect “finisher” for your cleaning routine.  It will keep streaks from appearing on glass, and will collect the dust and hair that is inevitably lifted by the damp Norwex cloth when wiping down ceramic surfaces.

Couple these two cloths with the Norwex dusting mitt and the Norwex envirowand. The Norwex dusting mitt is one of my favorite Norwex products, because the Norwex dusting mitt actually makes cleaning fun!  Three cats plus hardwood stairs equals a constant challange, but with the Norwex dusting mitt, I just swipe the stairs and the cat hair is easily removed.  I also like the Norwex dusting mitt for the banister and more importantly, the base of the banister, which seems to collect dust like nobody’s business.

The Norwex envirowand is a great tool for cleaning the ceiling fan and vents.  Made with the thick loops found on the Norwex car cloth, the Norwex envirowand is a dust magnet.  If you have radiator heat, you will love what the Norwex envirowand can do with a quick insert and extraction between the folds of the radiator.  When you are done using the Norwex envirowand, give it a good shake outside – or use the Norwex rubber brush to brush away the dust and grime.

Of course, all your Norwex cloths will require gentle cleaning on occassion.  Use Norwex dishwashing soap or Norwex Laundry Detergent on your Norwex cloth, Norwex window cloth, Norwex dusting mitt, and Norwex envirowand, along with warm water to deep clean. My method is to put all my Norwex products in the sink and let them soak in warm soapy water. Next I give my Norwex cloths a good swish in the water and wring them out. I follow this by rinsing my Norwex cloths until the water runs clear. I am not above a lather/rinse/repeat approach when it appears necessary.

The Norwex household package: a perfect starter kit!

March 8, 2014

The Norwex Household Package will help you make your house shine like the top of the Chryslar Building!!

The Norwex Household Package contains 3 key Norwex products that every one can use – in any environment. Whether you live in a 3,000 square foot mansion or a 300 square foot RV, the Norwex products in the Norwex Household Package will help you get your cleaning projects done with ease.

With just water and a Norwex cloth you can clean without chemicals. The Norwex Household Package includes a bright yellow Norwex cloth that, when dry, traps dust and removes it from surfaces. When wet, the Norwex cloth cleans and removes bacteria from surfaces.

Once the damp Norwex cloth removes bacteria from surfaces, the Norwex Silver kicks in.  Norwex Silver creates a hostile environment in which bacteria cannot survive.

Also included in the Norwex Household Package is a Norwex window cloth.  I like to use my Norwex window cloth as a buffer after a wipe down with my Norwex cloth.

Finally, the Norwex Household Package comes with the Norwex dusting mitt. Put on the Norwex dusting mitt and start walking around your living room. What needs dusting? The Norwex dusting mitt will grab the dust from your television screen, your ceiling fan, your window blinds.   Spring cleaning?  Put on the Norwex dusting mitt and run it up and down the surface of your window screens. You won’t believe how much dirt comes off the screen and on to the Norwex dusting mitt! I continue to be amazed at the way the Norwex dusting mitt grabs dust and traps it.

You can’t go wrong with the Norwex cloths in the Norwex Household Package .


Norwex Toothbrushes

March 7, 2014
Norwex toothbrush

The Norwex toothbrush self sanitizes.

The Norwex toothbrush has Norwex Silver in the base. Use the Norwex toothbrush like you would any toothbrush. The difference is the Norwex silver. When activated with water, the silver base of the Norwex toothbrush releases ions that attack bacteria commonly found on toothbrushes. The natural self-sanitizing Norwex toothbrush prevents bacterial growth, so no need to replace the family’s toothbrushes after each cold of bout of the flu.

Norwex offers replacement heads for the Norwex toothbrush, making the Norwex toothbrush another economical product from Norwex.

The Norwex toothbrush comes in both adult and child sizes.

March 2014 Norwex Specials: Norwex Bathroom Sparkle Trio

March 2, 2014
Norwex Specials

Norwex Blue Sparkle Bathroom Trio – one of the Norwex specials for March.

As one of the March Norwex SpecialsNorwex presents the Norwex Bathroom Sparkle trio.

This Norwex special includes  Norwex micro cleaning hand pads , the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt, and Norwex blue diamond all in one bathroom cleaner.

As we roll in to March, spring cleaning is on my mind. Spring is flirting with the East Coast, and I can’t wait to use my Norwex micro cleaning hand pads  for my favorite purpose – wiping down my patio furniture. Norwex micro cleaning hand pads  not only do a great job on my patio table, they are also impressive on my canvas chairs and umbrella. Just wet the Norwex micro cleaning hand pads , give them a good wring out, and wipe down your patio furniture. You can also use Norwex micro cleaning hand pads  to get crayon marks off the wall, scuff marks off the floor, marks on tile. I recently attacked my stove top with a damp Norwex micro cleaning hand pad , and I was quite pleased with the results. Note: because Norwex micro cleaning hand pads  are slightly abrasive, use common sense and try it out in an inconspicuous place first. Also note: this product disintegrates over time with use.

The Norwex bathroom scrub mitt was one of the first Norwex products I purchased. One side is padded and has thick Norwex microfiber. The other side of the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt offers a rougher surface to attack bathroom cleaning challenges. I hang my Norwex bathroom scrub mitt in the shower, using the loop Norwex thoughtfully attached to the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt. In an effort to maintain a clean shower/tub, I try to use my Norwex bathroom scrub mitt on one wall and one corner of the tub and shower every day while I am in the shower. I do not have boys, but my sister, who has four (four!) boys, loves how the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt helps her keep her bathroom floor clean. She starts with the scrubby side of the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt on the tile at the base of the toilet, then flips the Norwex bathroom scrub mitt over, using the Norwex microfiber to clean the area. The Norwex microfiber grabs up the bacteria and yuck, and traps it in the Norwex silver. Next, the Norwex silver creates an environment wherein bacteria can’t survive. Norwex bathroom scrub mitt is self purifying – but this does NOT mean you don’t need to launder it periodically. Toss it in the wash with some Norwex Laundry Detergent or toss it in the sink to hand wash your Norwex bathroom scrub mitt with some Norwex dishwashing soap.

Finally, this Norwex special includes the Norwex blue diamond all in one bathroom cleaner. Dilute Norwex blue diamond all in one bathroom cleaner with 9 parts water to 1 part Norwex blue diamond. You can use Norwex blue diamond as a general cleaner on all your bathroom surfaces – your toilet, your tub, your sink.

You can use Norwex blue diamond concentrated for deep cleaning and descaling all in one. But do try it diluted first – you will be surprised how efficiently Norwex blue diamond cleans your hard surfaces in the bathroom.

This trio of Norwex products are fantastic stand alone Norwex products. Combine these Norwex products in this Norwex special and you can’t go wrong.

The Norwex scrubby starter pack

February 23, 2014

The Norwex scrubby cloth – with extra cleaning power!

Norwex offers collections of Norwex products in certain combinations at a price lower than if you purchased all of the Norwex products separately. The Norwex scrubby starter pack is one of those Norwex collections.

The Norwex scrubby starter pack comes, of course, with a Norwex scrubby cloth. Not familiar with the Norwex scrubby cloth? Remember the Norwex cloths you first fell in love with? The Norwex microfiber you fell in love with, because you know you can clean without chemicals? The Norwex scrubby cloth is a Norwex cloth with a special corner pocket. Think baby bath towel when you imagine the corner pocket of the Norwex scrubby cloth. You get all the joys of a Norwex cloth plus an extra scrubby corner for those extra challenges that need more scrubby attention.

Norwex cleaning paste

Norwex cleaning paste tackles the toughest jobs.

The Norwex scrubby starter pack also includes the original Norwex cloth. This is the Norwex cloth you fell in love with. Use your Norwex cloth dry to dust, and damp to remove bacteria from surfaces. Once trapped inside your Norwex cloths, the Norwex silver does its job of creating a hostile environment where bacteria can’t survive.

Of course, either the Norwex cloth or the Norwex scrubby cloth pairs perfectly with a Norwex window cloth. The Norwex window cloth finishes what the damp Norwex cloths start. The Norwex window cloth will buff your mirrors to a shine. I also like using my Norwex window cloth on my bathroom ceramics, such as my sink and tub, as a follow up to a good wipe down following a damp Norwex cloth.


The Norwex cloth and the Norwex window cloth are a winning combination.

Rounding out the Norwex scrubby starter pack is Norwex cleaning paste. Norwex cleaning paste is a fantastic tool for tackling those extra tough cleaning challenges. I purchased Norwex cleaning paste for my turn of the century tub. Recently, however, I used Norwex cleaning paste to tackle a rather spectacular mess on my stove. Take a damp Norwex cloth or a damp Norwex scrubby cloth and rub it on the Norwex cleaning paste. Then take your Norwex cloth, with Norwex cleaning paste transferred on to the surface of the Norwex cloth, and tackle whatever cleaning challenges present themselves.With the Norwex cleaning paste, the Norwex scrubby cloth, the Norwex cloth and the Norwex window cloth in this Norwex scrubby starter pack, you can’t go wrong.

The Norwex Basic Package – changing lives one purchase at a time

February 15, 2014

Norwex’s basic package – a great place to start. . .

I realize the title is a bit dramatic.  How, you may wonder, can a Norwex product change anyone’s life.  Let me tell you my Norwex story.

My sister had a Norwex party several years ago.  I went because, well, she’s my sister.  I had no intention of being remotely impressed with Norwex products. I sat on the couch with my brother-in-law as the Norwex consultant talked about Norwex. But then, the moment that every one who’s been to a Norwex party can’t forget – the Norwex consultant took a pad of butter and wiped it on my sister’s living room window.  She then took a damp Norwex cloth and wiped the butter away – no smears, no fuss!  “Let me see that!” my brother-in-law demanded.  He and I examined the Norwex cloth but we couldn’t find the butter.

As we were examining the Norwex cloth the Norwex consultant was using a Norwex window cloth to buff the window to a shine.  I will admit the Norwex consultant was quite patient with us as we continued to express astonishment at the disappearing butter.

She explained to us that the Norwex cloths have Norwex silver in them.  The Norwex microfiber grabs grease, grime, toothpaste spatter, soap scum, whatever your cleaning challenges are, and traps them in the cloth.  Then the Norwex silver breaks down the bacteria, making Norwex cloths self sanitizing.  (Note:  you do still have to wash your Norwex cloths on occasion.)

I bought the Norwex basic package. To be honest, when it arrived, I put it aside.  But when the day came that I was ready to start spring cleaning, Norwex basic package made its clean without chemicals debut.  And boy was I pleased!  I used the Norwex basic package to clean my whole house.  From dusting the spindles on the stairs, to wiping down the refrigerator, to cleaning the tub, the Norwex basic package was up to the task.

I have since purchased any number of Norwex products and I do prefer some Norwex products over others when it comes to certain jobs (for example, for the bathroom faucet I like the Norwex cloth that come from the Norwex travel pack because they are smaller).  But at the end of the day, if I could only have two Norwex products, the Norwex cloth and the Norwex window cloth that come in the Norwex basic package would be my choice.  With the Norwex basic package , I can clean just about anything!


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