Norwex and the summer salad

July 26, 2014

The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth cleans the fruits and veggies that top the Dirty Dozen list!

You already know that Norwex  helps you clean without chemicals. But did you know Norwex  can also help you eat without chemicals? The Environmental Working Group has created a list of “the dirty dozen” – the top twelve produce items coated with pesticides and other yucky stuff.

I like a small amount of greens as a salad “base” arugula, red lettuce, etc. Next I like to add a tomato – cleaned with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. I add an orange pepper, also cleaned with water and my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. When I add cucumbers, I first scrub them with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth, which serves two purposes, it removes that disgusting wax coating, but also it removes the bitter skin. A handful of blueberries (which I don’t wash with my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth) and finish it off with some purple onion after a good scrub with my Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth.

I also like the crunch of an apple in my salad. Apples are the number one offender on the dirty dozen list. The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth tackles those pesticides with the rough side and, if you are of a mind, you can polish your apples with the smooth side of the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth. (Sometimes I use a golden delicious apple, just to hit all the colors in the rainbow in my salad. . . )

Speaking of crunch, I find that a crunchy snack in the afternoon is a glorious thing. A little peanut butter on some celery is an easy fix – but did you know that celery is filthy when it comes to you from the grocery store? Get rid of the pesticides, bacteria, and fungi with the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth.

I am not a fan of potato salad, but I am a big fan of potatoes, and the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth does a fantastic job or removing dirt from the potatoes. This allows me to keep the skin on the potatoes, getting the nutrients found there without also getting the bacteria and fungi and dirt that come home from the store with my potatoes.

The Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth helps me eat without chemicals. As such, the Norwex veggie and fruit scrub cloth is just one of the many Norwex products that make your life better. In a world full of chemicals, Norwex is changing things, one home at a time. Isn’t it time you made your kitchen a Norwex kitchen?

The Norwex kitchen: The Norwex kitchen cloth

July 22, 2014

The Norwex kitchen cloth is a useful tool in your Norwex kitchen, shown here in blue and salmon.

The Norwex kitchen cloth has the appearance of a dishcloth, however, the Norwex kitchen cloth is not for washing dishes! (For that job, I recommend the Norwex dish cloth.) Instead, the Norwex kitchen cloth is intended for wiping down your Norwex kitchen.

The Norwex kitchen cloth can be used on chrome, tile, ceramic, and glass – just wipe these surfaces down with a damp Norwex kitchen cloth. You will be amazed at how the Norwex microfiber grabs dirt, grease, and grime from your surfaces. But the usefulness of the Norwex kitchen cloth doesn’t stop there! You can also use your Norwex kitchen cloth to wipe down your granite or marble countertops, your floor tile, slate, and your wood cutting boards.

As with the Norwex kitchen towel, the Norwex kitchen cloth is made of Norwex microfiber, containing Norwex BacLock and Norwex silver, making your Norwex kitchen cloths self cleansing.

The Norwex kitchen cloth comes in mocha, sea mist, graphite, blue, and salmon. The Norwex kitchen cloth is about 10 inches by 13 inches. The colors of the Norwex kitchen cloth compliment each other, so they are perfect to mix and match – with each other and with Norwex kitchen towels.

The Norwex kitchen: The Norwex kitchen towel

July 21, 2014

Norwex kitchen towels come in sea mist, graphite, and latte, as well as salmon and blue (not pictured).

Norwex has a variety of Norwex products for the Norwex kitchen. One of the Norwex kitchen fundamentals is the Norwex kitchen towel. The Norwex kitchen towel looks like any other kitchen towel, but don’t be fooled! Norwex kitchen towels are made with super absorbent Norwex microfiber.

Norwex kitchen towels are perfectly capable of drying your dishes. But the Norwex kitchen towel can do more than that! Use your Norwex kitchen towel on any of your hard surfaces, including your back splashes and tiles of ceramic, enamel, and glass. You can also use your Norwex kitchen towel on granite and marble countertops. And you won’t believe what a Norwex kitchen towel can do to your chrome and stainless steel.

Norwex kitchen towels come with Norwex BacLock and Norwex silver. Practically speaking, this means when you wipe down your kitchen surfaces with a damp Norwex kitchen towel, the Norwex microfiber in the Norwex kitchen towel will grab bacteria off those surfaces. Norwex BacLock traps the bacteria into the Norwex kitchen towel. Next, the Norwex silver creates a hostile environment within which bacteria cannot survive.

But while the Norwex kitchen towel is hard at work, helping you make your kitchen sparkle, it sits pretty, quietly gracing your kitchen with bursts of color. You can purchase a Norwex kitchen towel in blue, salmon, sea mist, mocha, and graphite. Each Norwex kitchen towel is about 25.5 inches by 13.78 inches in size. The colors of the Norwex kitchen towels compliment each other such that you can mix and match.


For less than $75, the perfect housewarming gift!

July 20, 2014

The Norwex Household plus package is the perfect housewarming gift – or gift for you!

The Norwex Household Package Plus is quite possibly my favorite of the Norwex collections. The Norwex Household Package Plus includes some of my favorite Norwex products.

Of course, the Norwex household package plus includes the cloth that started it all, the Norwex cloth. Just dampen the Norwex cloth and you have all you need to clean without chemicals. The Norwex cloth will grab bacteria and trap it in the cloth with patented Norwex BacLock technology. Once trapped, Norwex silver creates an environment in the cloth that makes it impossible for bacteria to survive or procreate.

Almost anything cleaned with a Norwex cloth looks better followed by a buff of the Norwex window cloth. Tightly woven Norwex microfiber, the Norwex window cloth is the perfect companion to the Norwex cloth. Quick drying, the Norwex window cloth buffs surfaces to “like new” condition.

Also included in the Norwex Household Package Plus is a Norwex dusting mitt. I love my Norwex dusting mitt. I just slip on the Norwex dusting mitt and start swiping surfaces that need dusting. It’s easy to get into the nooks and crannies while wearing a Norwex Dusting Mitt.

Finally, the Norwex Household Plus package also includes the Norwex Envirowand. I got my Norwex Envirowand as a bonus, for something I did as a Norwex consultant. I can tell you that now that I am a proud owner of a Norwex Envirowand, I can’t imagine living without it. The Norwex Envirowand is perfect for dusting under appliances, coffee tables, and beds, as well as up high, dusting ceiling fans, wood trim, etc.

The Norwex Envirowand – as close to a magic wand you may ever get!

July 19, 2014

The Norwex enviro wand is an excellent tool, allowing you to clean without chemicals.

The Norwex Envirowand is yet another Norwex workhorse. Made of thick, Norwex microfiber loops of chenille on one side, and soft Norwex microfiber on the other, this thin sleeve of Norwex cloth can clean an assortment of challenges.

As the owner of a home powered by radiator heat, the utility of the Norwex Envirowand was obvious from first glance. The long, narrow design of the Norwex Envirowand sleeve makes it the perfect tool for dusting behind your radiator. Also, the Norwex Envirowand can be used betwixt and between the parts of the radiator that collect the dust.

The Norwex Envirowand is also perfect for removing dust bunnies under the refrigerator. Did you know that your refrigerator works better without a whole bunch of dust and cobwebs on the coils? A quick swipe of the Norwex Envirowand and bam! The dust is gone.

The Norwex Envirowand also bends to a 90 degree angle. As such, the Norwex Envirowand is the perfect way to clean your ceiling fans. If you happen to have a very high ceiling, no worries! The Norwex Envirowand can attach to the Norwex telescopic handle to the Norwex mop so you can reach seemingly impossible heights.

To clean your Norwex Envirowand, take it outside and give it a good shake. Jusat as on your Norwex mop pads, a Norwex rubber brush will quickly and easily remove the dust and grime. When particularly dirty, soak your Norwex Envirowand cloth in warm water with Norwex Laundry Detergent. Rinse well and allow your Norwex Envirowand to air dry – it will be as good as new.

What can you do with a Norwex Rubber Brush?

July 17, 2014



The Norwex rubber brush releases dirt and grime from your Norwex products.

Norwex offers Norwex products that allow you to clean without chemicals – and the products to clean them! The Norwex rubber brush is just such a product. The Norwex rubber brush is easily held with one hand, and can be used to brush away the hair, crumbs, dust and dirt your Norwex dry mop pad or your Norwex superior dry mop pad can collect. The Norwex rubber brush will also help loosen the dirt trapped in the Norwex wet mop pad or the Norwex tile mop pad. When I wash my Norwex mop pads, I soak the Norwex mop pads in hot water to which I have added Norwex Laundry Detergent. After about a ten minute soak, I use my Norwex rubber brush to give my Norwex mop pads a good scrubbing, loosening dirt and grime. Follow with a good rinse, and my Norwex mop pads are good to go!

But the Norwex rubber brush isn’t just good for cleaning Norwex mop pads. I use my Norwex rubber brush to clean the track inside my patio door and inside my window wells. I do this first by “sweeping” the area with my Norwex rubber brush. Next I follow with a damp Norwex cloth. With my patio door track, I follow that with a buff of my Norwex window cloth. I do not buff with the Norwex window cloth inside the window wells, as the rough wood would not benefit from such a buffing.

The Norwex rubber brush is also great as a spot cleaner prior to mopping my tile. I just dampen the area and use my Norwex rubber brush to tackle the grout in my (I can’t help but say it – ugly!) white kitchen tile.

The Norwex rubber brush is also great on fine grains, such as cat litter or sand. The Norwex rubber brush grabs those small grains and sweeps them up like you would not believe!

Have a pet? The Norwex rubber brush is enjoyed by cats and dogs all over the country, who enjoy a good brushing with the Norwex rubber brush. I am told it is quite relaxing for them. Personally, I don’t like the idea of using the Norwex rubber brush for cleaning AND pet grooming, and since I only have one, I dedicate my Norwex rubber brush to cleaning!!

The Norwex Mop: The Norwex Tile Mop Pad

July 15, 2014

The Norwex tile mop pad tackles tough challenges on your tile floor!

Norwex recently introduced the Norwex tile mop pad. The Norwex tile mop pad, like its counterparts, the Norwex dry mop pad and Norwex wet mop pad, adheres to the Norwex mop base via the velcro on the base. Woven within the cloth of the Norwex tile mop pad are rubber “grabbers” that are specially designed to clean your tile floors.

After you have dry mopped your floors with the Norwex dry mop pad or the Norwex superior dry mop pad, wet your Norwex tile mop pad and adhere it to the Norwex mop base. Mop as usual.

I have white tile in my kitchen and entry way (not my choice, I assure you). The slightest amount of dirt makes that white tile look filthy. I love having my Norwex tile mop pad in the entry way closet for quick clean ups. Do you absolutely need the Norwex tile mop pad? Nope. You can mop your floors with the Norwex wet mop pad just fine. I use my Norwex wet mop pad on my wood floors, and my Norwex tile mop pad on my tile in the kitchen, front hall, and bath, but you could certainly use the Norwex wet mop pad on all your surfaces. I would not recommend the opposite – you shouldn’t use your Norwex tile mop pad for your wood floors.

Like the Norwex wet mop pad, the Norwex tile mop pad is blue, giving you a visual cue to remind you to use the Norwex tile mop pad wet or damp. To clean, simply rinse the Norwex tile mop pad with water. When it gets grungy, soak your Norwex tile mop pad in a sink full of warm water and Norwex laundry detergent.

Norwex Screen Maintenance: The Norwex optic cloth and Norwex optic scarf

July 10, 2014



Norwex optic cloth is great for your “screens.”


Norwex optic scarf – pretty and functional!

Norwex offers two Norwex optic options. The Norwex optic cloth comes in blue and is about 7 inches by 8 inches. The Norwex optic scarf is larger, at approximately 9 inches by 10 inches, and has an attractive black and white design.

I keep my Norwex optic cloth in the top drawer of my desk at work. I use my Norwex optic cloth mostly on my glasses throughout the day. A quick rub with my Norwex optic cloth accomplishes two things: first, it cleans my glasses completely; second, the Norwex optic cloth lets me clean my glasses without worrying about scratching my lenses. Even “cheap” glasses aren’t cheap, and I appreciate the opportunity to clean my lenses without fear of damaging them with the Norwex optic cloth.

The Norwex optic scarf comes with a clip so you can attach it to your purse. Personally, I prefer to use the clip to anchor the Norwex optic scarf to an inconspicuous end table handle in my Living Room so I know where it is. I use my Norwex optic scarf for my cell phone screen, my iPad, and my laptop screen. I also have been known to use my Norwex optic scarf on my glasses. (Note: if you have anti glare coating on your glasses, the Norwex optic scarf is safe for that surface! The Norwex optic cloth, on the other hand, is not approved for anti glare surfaces!)

Both the Norwex optic cloth and the Norwex optic scarf can help you keep your “screens” and glasses sparkling clean.

The Norwex Dusting Mitt will give you a hand!

June 28, 2014
Norwex dusting mitt

The Norwex dusting mitt – because it’s fun!

The Norwex dusting mitt is what I call “an attractive nuisance.” Made of plush Norwex microfiber, the Norwex dusting mitt is a giant blue mitten that just screams, “Use me! Love me!” And isn’t that just what you want in a cleaning product? Norwex knows that Norwex products that are fun to use are Norwex products that will be used.

Give your child a Norwex dusting mitt and turn them loose in a room. The static charge created by the Norwex microfiber grabs the dust off surfaces, making it easy to see progress. Have your kid start with the television screen, move on to the back of the TV. From there, it’s easy to dust the surface the tv is sitting on. With the Norwex dusting mitt, the fun knows no limits.

I like to use my Norwex dusting mitt on the stairs, as the stairs in my home apparently are a magnet for cat hair and dust bunnies. I also find the Norwex dusting mitt is my best friend when it comes to the art on my walls. Some of my art is framed, and some is plain canvas, and the dry Norwex dusting mitt grabs the dust off both, and I don’t have to worry about damaging the art.

The Norwex dusting mitt is also great for intricate pieces, such as carved wood, figurines, detailed picture frames. Slip that Norwex dusting mitt on and tackle your dust collecting items. With the plush Norwex microfiber, your Norwex dusting mitt is gentle on the items that are precious to you.

The Norwex spray bottle: It’s the little things. . .

June 27, 2014

The Norwex spray bottle – because it’s cute!

Norwex offers a variety of Norwex products that allow you to clean without chemicals. Amongst the variety of Norwex products available, the Norwex spray bottle is likely one of the most indulgent. You don’t need a Norwex spray bottle to clean your home or use your other Norwex products.

That said, the Norwex spray bottle can offer that psychological boost needed to motivate you (or your teen ager or your spouse) to get off the couch and spend 15 minutes tackling your surfaces that require some attention. Having the right tools for the jobs just makes cleaning more appealing, and having a Norwex spray bottle with you could be just the thing to tip the scales. WE are always more likely to do things that are fun, and Norwex helps make cleaning fun (seriously, I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true!). Now where was I? Oh, yes, Norwex products do such a great job cleaning the surfaces in your home, you will actually look forward to using your Norwex and marveling at the results.

One way I use my Norwex spray bottle is on my floors. First, I use my dry Norwex mop pad to get the dust and dirt (and cat hair) off the floor. Next, I use my wet Norwex mop pad on my Norwex mop to wash the floor. Sometimes there are mystery spots on my floor, and I use the Norwex spray bottle to “spot treat” my floors.

I do the same thing in the bathroom – I use a damp Norwex cloth to clean the tile on the walls. When I come across a glob of toothpaste or clump of dried conditioner, I spray it with my Norwex spray bottle continue on my way with my Norwex cloth.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that motivate one to clean, and the Norwex spray bottle is one of those “little things.”


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